The world’s smartest bin is coming to India


Compact your waste with solar energy and save up to 80%! Smart Cities India Expo 2016

SEOUL, SOUTH KOREA – April 7th, 2016 – Ecube Labs Co., Ltd., a South Korean venture that provides smart solar-powered waste compacting bins and enables waste management staff to monitor the fill-level of waste bins in real-time is pleased to announce its debut to the Indian market by exhibiting at the 2nd Smart Cities India 2016 Expo held in New Delhi, beginning on May 11th.

As the leading provider of smart IoT based waste management and logistics solutions, Ecube Labs is the only company in the industry to offer both an ultrasonic fill-level sensor ("Clean CAP") and a smart solar-powered waste compacting bin ("Clean CUBE") on a single real-time monitoring platform ("Clean City Networks") that generates optimized schedules and routes based on fill-level forecasting. Our solar-powered waste compacting bin holds up to eight times more trash than traditional bins, which means fewer collections and less greenhouse gas emissions. Altogether our integrated waste management solutions can help to reduce the operational costs of waste collections by up to 80%.

Smart bin

Already represented on five continents through metropolitan cities, municipalities and waste related organizations, we are in the process of aggressively expanding our coverage around the world. Our current distributor network covers the UK, Ireland, Benelux, Scandinavia, Germany, Singapore, Colombia, China and UAE. The pilot projects done in these countries have been received very well and we are therefore confident that these references can work as a leverage for us to be successful in other parts of the world.

Right now we are extremely delighted to introduce our integrated waste management solution first time on the Indian market, where the government has recently appointed one hundred municipalities as smart cities. We are convinced that our intelligent solution can add value to the waste management initiatives in these cities and we are also excited to showcase our latest innovation, a smart waste bin that comes with a remotely controllable LCD screen for additional revenue stream.

Ecube Labs would like to welcome all visitors, journalists and other interested people to explore our IoT-based waste management solutions and experience live demonstrations at the 2nd Smart Cities India 2016 exhibition. You can find us at booth #B3.