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We empower municipalities, smart city planners, collection companies and NGOs to provide innovative, IoT-based solutions to better serve their constituents, stakeholders and customers.

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Cost Reduction

Our line of products (Clean CUBE, Clean CAP, Clean CITY NETWORKS) helps cities and waste collection industry to reduce operational costs by up 80%.

  • Clean Cube

    The Clean CUBE is a smart solar-powered trash compacting bin that automatically compresses garbage so that it can hold up to 8 times that of standard trash bins.

  • Clean CAP

    The Clean CAP is a smart fill-level sensor that can be easily installed on any type of container. It uses robust ultrasonic technology, allowing it to monitor any type of substance.


    Clean CITY NETWORKS is an integrated cyber-physical system that is web-based and mobile application compatible SaaS solution that transforms real-time sensor data from Clean CUBE and Clean CAP into actionable intelligence.

The fill-level information from the Clean CUBE and Clean CAP as well as the optimized waste collection route calculated by Clean CITY NETWORK saves both time and money. It essentially enables organization’s to capitalize on inefficient activities that would be otherwise been unrealized through traditional methods of waste collections.

Eliminate waste overflow

Our Clean CAP keep its users informed in real-time about the bin's fill-level. The Clean CUBE also utilizes sensor technology, but it can even compact trash automatically.
In densely populated areas, where waste generation can occur rapidly and unexpectedly, more often than not, it leads to rubbish overflow, resulting in unsightly public spaces. In order to eliminate such occurances, Ecube Labs' sensor devices provide users the capability to knowing the fill-level so that they can take data driven actions ahead of time. As an added benefit, the Clean CUBE secures even more room inside the bin through its compaction function, up to 8 times that of traditional bins.

Let us explain the benefits 3

Reduce CO2 emissions

With Ecube Lab’s IoT-based solution, collect trash only when it’s required. Less trips mean less fuel consumed and less greenhouse gas emissions.
Our hardware products (Clean CUBE & Clean CAP) along with our SaaS (Clean CITY NETWORKS), we have focused on the waste logistics and management. First, asking how can we improve the operational efficiency rate. Then as a environmentally conscious startup, we asked how can we further reduce the amount of NOx released. It is with this forethought, that we not only developed a smart platform indicating when to collect trash but also a means to optimize waste schedules and routes that provide the most efficient collection operations.

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