Clean CAP, Wireless Ultrasonic Fill-Level Sensor

Clean CAP, the smart waste bin sensor

Do more with less, smarter, greener, and more efficiently than ever.

Reduce your waste collection costs by up to 50% with our smart IoT-based waste bin sensors and monitoring solution. It only requires three steps:

1. Measure fill-level

1. Read fill-level information

Clean CAP smart waste bin sensor is compatible with any type of container installation to monitor any type of substance or waste in real-time.

2. Optimize collection routes

2. Optimize collection routes

CCN's route optimization and predictive analytics provide insightful historical data to generate the best routes and estimate the time of containers becoming full.

3. Collect

3. Collect the garbage

With CCN, you can plan ahead how collections are implemented, targeting only the locations with full trash bins.

Product features

Can be attached to any type of bin, container, or tank

Clean CAP fill-level sensor can be mounted on any type of bin, container, or tank. If the container is made of plastic, the device can be mounted by screwing. For steel containers, Clean CAP can be fixed to the container's lid using brackets.

Senses both solid and liquid materials

Clean CAP's ultrasonic sensor enables it to detect both solids (general waste, paper, glass, e-waste, textile, etc.) and liquids (oil, sludge, agriculture products, etc.). The range of distance can vary between 30 cm - 400 cm (4 m / 13 ft).

Communicates wirelessly with monitoring platform

Clean CAP sends real-time information to Clean City Networks monitoring and data-analytics platform through wireless data transmission using 2G/3G networks. The software enables our customers to optimize their waste collection operations through data-driven decision making.

Designed for extreme environments and durability

Clean CAP has been tested to push the limits of its operability in conjuction with its battery life. It is completely enclosed and protected against dust and water, has a battery life of up to 10 years, and can operate in temperatures from -30 C (-22 F) to 80 C (176 F).

Basic specifications

Clean CAP Plus
Clean CAP Plus
Clean CAP Flex
Clean CAP Flex
Power 3.6V high performance lithium battery 3.6V high performance lithium battery
Size (H x W x L) 95mm x 96mm (3.74in. x 3.8in.) 80mm x 85mm x 52mm (3.15in. x 3.35in. x 2.05in.)
Net weight 470g (1.04 lbs.) 300g (0.66 lbs.)
Battery life Up to 10 years Up to 5 years (replaceable)

Product video

What our customers say

After deploying the solution, we have been able to go from collecting 840 containers 4 times a day to collecting just 80 containers a day. This has increased our operational efficiency upwards of 90% and resulted in significant cost savings. The solution has also provided us with data which has allowed us to recognise peak times in areas and from that adjust the allocation of staffing in those areas as well as increase waste container capacity where needed.

Facility Management, Dublin Airport

Before, we didn't know when the trash bins in Bukchon became full. Now, we know in real-time the fill-level of each bin thanks to Ecube Labs' solution. Since we're able to quickly take action before any problem occurs, there are no longer any issues with garbage overflow.

Welfare & Environmental Bureau, Seoul Metropolitan Government
Clean CAP - Waste bin fill-level sensor

Ideal locations

Clean CAP's value lies in detecting the fill-level of any type of substance or waste. It is designed especially for areas where waste containers are located far apart or in remote locations. Other suitable application areas include underground dumpsters, oil tanks, septic tanks and water towers.

Smart waste bin sensor - ideal locations

Installation photos

Frequently Asked Questions

What types of containers are compatible with Clean CAP?

Clean CAP can be mounted on any type of container, bin or tank. If the container is made of plastic, the sensor can be mounted by screwing. For steel containers, it can be fixed to the container's lid using brackets.

How do you install them?

We start by working with the client to determine what containers they are trying to implement. Afterwards, we provide videos and manuals that take you step-by-step on how to install them in various containers.

Are there any maintenance issues?

No, the Clean CAP requires no maintenance. It is fully encased and can be monitored by the users as well as Ecube Labs engineers for troubleshooting.

How much does it cost?

The prices depend on contract length and purchased amount. Please get in touch with one of our distributors in your region or send us email below.

Request more information

Please contact us for more information and cost estimation.