Clean City Networks (CCN), Waste Collection Optimization Platform

Clean City Networks, the smart waste collection optimization platform

Why work hard, when you can work smart?

Our solution empowers users to leverage new technology to a traditional industry and to become more efficient through data-driven decisions.

Receive Real-Time Data

Receive real-time data

Clean CUBE and Clean CAP send and receive real-time information, allowing users to monitor fill-level, maintenance, and collection activities.

Optimize Routes

Optimize routes

Waste collection routes based on fill-levels along with predictive waste pattern recognition can be accessed through CCN waste analytics.

Receive Notifications

Receive notifications

Our connected devices send/receive signals through available telecommunication networks providing the user an extensive updated list of messages.

Make Data-Driven Decisions

Make data-driven decisions

Create an action plan before implementing any collection routes. See the fill-levels, predict the generation of rubbish, and increase your efficiency by up to 80%.

Product features

Waste bin fill-level monitoring platform

Fill-level monitoring

CCN waste analytics platform generates an intelligent group of data by processing various types of information received from Clean CUBE and Clean CAP. By accessing the information regarding individual bin's fill-level, compaction history, battery capacity of hardware devices, and more, users can track assigned bins in real-time with ease by simply logging on to CCN waste collection optimization platform.

Waste management data analytics

Data analytics

Information collected from individual bins is processed and analyzed to generate optimized collection routes through predictive algorithms, to create data analytics reports for improving operational efficiency, and to send push notifications to operation managers when collection is needed.

User interface of CCN fill-level monitoring software

Convenient user interface

CCN waste analytics platform is easily accessible through the web as well as mobile applications available on Android and iOS. With its streamlined one-click interface, managing accounts, assigning sub-accounts, and products features can be done with ease.

Product video

Frequently asked questions

Do you provide an API access?

While we recommend our clients to utilize our software as it is optimized to display the data from the Clean CUBE and Clean CAP, it is possible for us to provide an API for you.

How can I access the software?

CCN waste collection optimization platform can be accessed anytime through the web, and can be downloaded free to your smart device via App Store or Google Play.