Integrated Waste Management

Integrated Waste Management

Waste collection gets smarter, greener, and more efficient than ever.

Dynamic routing

Dynamic routing

The solution optimizes waste collection routes and schedules based on real-time and historical data, provides predictive analytics to enable decision making ahead of time, and offers consultation on waste bin allocations.

Cost reduction

Cost reduction

Our smart waste logistics solution reduces waste collection frequency dramatically, which enables you to save on fuel, labor, and fleet maintenance costs. Altogether the solution can reduce your operational costs by up to 80%.

Improved cleanliness

Improved cleanliness

In densely populated areas, a rapid waste generation often leads to overflowing waste bins and unsightly streets. Our solution enables waste collection staff to read fill-levels in real time and receive notifications of waste overflows.

CO<sub>2</sub> reduction

CO2 reduction

Collecting garbage is a very pollutant heavy proposition. Our solution offers you the means to have less trucks on the road for less time, which means less greenhouse gas emissions, less noise pollution, and less road wear.

Just 3 minutes will explain our solution

Our integrated waste management solution

Solar-powered trash compactor bin - Clean CUBE

Clean CUBE

Clean CUBE is a smart solar-powered trash compactor bin. It is equipped with sensors that send and receive real-time data to CCN monitoring platform.

Waste bin fill-level monitoring software - Clean City Networks

Clean City Networks (CCN)

CCN sends and receives real-time data from sensor devices on the ground. The network transforms the data into actionable information usable by waste collection managers.

Ultrasonic fill-level sensor device - Clean CAP

Clean CAP

Clean CAP is a wireless ultrasonic fill-level sensor that securely monitors a container's fill-level. It sends and receives information in real-time to CCN monitoring platform.

Possible installation sites

Clean CUBE's strength lies in the compaction of waste generated in high volume areas, such as city centers, malls, parks, and tourist attractions, where rubbish generated is susceptible to overflow and requires frequent collection.

Clean CAP complements Clean CUBE by covering areas that may not be collected as frequently, making the remote fill-level monitoring of containers easy. It is all made possible by utilizing our sensor device that essentially allows the user to find out how much waste is generated and predict when collection is needed.

Integrated waste management solution - installation sites