Response to BigBelly Complaint

Big Belly Solar filed a patent infringement complaint against Ecube Labs on July 28th, 2017.

As of the publishing date of this statement, Ecube Labs has yet to be served a formal notice of this complaint from BigBelly or their representatives.

Having been through the patent filing process multiple times ourselves, Ecube Labs understands the importance and significance of intellectual property. As such we fully respect the IP of all companies, especially within our industry, and perform due diligence to ensure we do not infringe upon any existing patents.

We take pride in our proprietary solutions, both software and hardware, that were developed in house from the ground up and strove to establish ourselves in the waste management industry by providing class-leading solutions.

While we are amenable to an open dialogue regarding any grievances Big Belly Solar may have, we ask that our partners forward any communication they may receive from BigBelly to us immediately and not attempt to communicate on our behalf.

Upon extensive review of BigBelly's patents by multiple legal teams, it is the opinion of Ecube Labs that we unequivocally do not infringe on any of Big Belly Solar's patents and we are fully prepared to take the legal steps necessary to resolve this complaint.

Until this matter is settled or a decision is made by the courts, this will not affect any current business for Ecube Labs or our partners. Rest assured we will keep you updated with any new developments.

Thank-you for your continued support in creating cleaner cities and greener communities.

Ecube Labs