Waste management solution for waterfront areas

Case study: Hermosa Beach, California

Clean CUBE solar-powered waste compactor at Hermosa Beach


  • Lack of waste bins created a high number of overflows on the streets and caused hygiene problems alongside the beach.
  • Hermosa Beach needed a 'GREENER' functioning product to reduce the problems regarding waste management.


  • 16 CleanCUBEs installed in busiest parts (pier) of Hermosa Beach. The next phase will include additional 20 CleanCUBEs & 100 CleanCAPs.
  • Ecube Labs trained both city officials and 3rd party collection organization to understand the solution.
  • Monitoring the frequency of collections revealed excessive operational costs at the expense of the city.


  • Optimized waste collections based on real-time data and predictive analytics.
  • 90% reduction in waste overflows and operational costs.
  • With predictive data models, the collections can be further reduced to only once a day.
Waste generation at Hermosa Beach
Solar-powered waste compactor bin at Hermosa Beach
Location of Hermosa Beach Clean CUBE solar compactors
Solar trash bin at Hermosa Beach