University campus waste management solution

Case study: four university campuses in Seoul

Smart bins in university environment


  • High weekly collection frequency.
  • Waste bins placed across large campuses.


  • Installation of 144 Clean Cubes across four university campuse: Seoul National University, Yonsei University, Korea University, and Dongguk University.
  • Real-time monitoring with Clean City Networks.


  • Weekly waste collections reduced from 12 to fewer than 2.
  • Increased recycling diversion rate to 54%.

Ecube Labs' solutions have been a great success. Significant cost reductions, cleaner public spaces, and it also increased our recycling diversion rates by over 300%.

Bureau of Facilities Management, Seoul National University

By installing just 144 of the waste compacting Clean Cubes, we managed to replace over 400 traditional bins. Waste collection costs have went down by 86% and public areas are cleaner than ever.

The waste collection workers find using the monitoring system to be convenient, and it allows them to provide better service much more efficiently. Everyone wins!

Office of Campus Facility Management, Korea University
Clean CUBE

Cleaning up campuses the green and smart way. The top four universities in Korea: Seoul National University, Korea University, Yonsei University, and Dongguk University wanted a smart city waste management solution that would allow them to keep campuses clean while keeping costs down. Traditional bins often faced the overflow of waste, which led to more littering across campuses. They couldn't afford to increase the frequency of waste collection.

The universities came to Ecube Labs because the waste compaction that the Clean Cube provided using solar energy allowed it to increase bin capacity by six to eight times. This meant that even with less bins, waste overflow can be prevented, leading to cleaner campuses for both students and visitors.

Additionally, Clean Cube smart bins are designed to promote environmental awareness. With clear signs and specially-fabricated bin openings that encourage single stream recycling, Clean Cubes allow universities to achieve higher recycling diversion rates.

Due to the size of the universities, traditional bins were spread out across the campuses. Not knowing how full any of these bins were meant that waste collection operators had to collect all of the bins on a regular schedule.

Clean City Networks (CCN) provided immense value by providing waste operators a way to monitor the status and fill-level of the smart bins in real-time, allowing them to schedule their collections for only the bins that required collection.

Additionally, CCN optimizes waste collection by calculating the fastest way to collect all the bins that require collection. This results in shorter collection trips, which means less fuel and maintenance costs for waste collection vehicles.

Dean of the United Campus Sustainability Office Kim Jang Hee praised the effectiveness of the Clean Cubes, saying that "Ecube Labs uses smart technology to allow university campuses to more effciently provide waste collection services. Their solutions not only save universities money by reducing required labor, time, and fuel, but it also ensures cleaner public areas and encourages people to recycle."

Clean Cubes have set the new standard of waste bins for Korean universities.

Smart bins at university environment