Smart city events to visit in 2016

Smart city events in 2016

Where can you find a list of the largest smart city events, conferences and exhibitions around the world? At Ecube Labs, we often look for events where we can learn more about smart city related opportunities and solutions. Check our picks for 2016 below - there are still so many events to visit this year!

Time Location Event
May 11-13 New Delhi, India Smart Cities India
May 18-19 Casablanca, Morocco Smart City Expo Casablanca
June 1-3 Kyoto, Japan Smart City Expo Kyoto
June 1-3 Istanbul, Turkey Smart City Expo Istanbul
June 7-10 Amsterdam, Netherlands Smart City Event
June 13-15 Austin, TX Smart Cities Innovation Summit
June 16-17 Nice, France Innovative City
June 21-23 Montreal, Canada New Cities Summit
June 27-29 Paris, France Smart Countries & Cities Congress
July 18-19 New York City, USA Cities for Tomorrow
September 27-29 Washington D.C., USA Smart Cities Week
October 18-19 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia Smart Cities Asia 2016
November 15-17 Barcelona, Spain Smart City Expo World Congress